Import Freight

Imports from Ecuador

Over the years we have been detecting a large influx of customs and operational queries, which is why we have an outsourcing department that carries out customs clearance who, as logistics consultants, through a personalized service, prepare the importer by checking that the merchandise has all the permits or licenses requested by the state for entry into the country, as well as checking that the documents comply with the formalities required by law, including the negotiation terms or incoterms so that there are no problems at the time of nationalization with the SENAE ( National Customs Service of Ecuador), avoiding setbacks in customs clearance, and it is also important to highlight that within this advice it allows the client to know the items and values that will be involved in the entire process so that they can have liquidity in time.


We encourage the client to apply the benefit of early dispatch which allows it to be nationalized between 48 to 24 hours before the arrival of the cargo and to know in advance the capacity or review channel that it will have as well as the advance payment of tariffs, this modality allows significant savings in cargo storage value.


We accompany the importer in their clearance processes, and in the case of obtaining a procedure with observation we will guide them so that they can correct the SENAE correctly.

When Senae gives us the departure authorization, we prepare prior logistics to be able to provide the client with the best option so that their cargo does not suffer extra costs, which is why we review:

  • Truck suitable for the type of cargo, whether container or loose cargo.
  • The best freight cost for internal transportation as well as interprovincial transportation.
  • We seek to ensure that your cargo has security, which is why we offer optional Armed Custody or Satellite Padlock services and often police custody in the event that logistics requires it.

We review this entire process together with the importer so that both economically and in terms of service you feel comfortable and we are an ally for your business.