Bulking agent

What is a Freight Forwarder or Cargo Agent?

A Freight Forwarder or Cargo Agent organizes the shipment of goods and services around the world. They act as intermediaries between a client who hires the services and the transport and logistics companies that take the cargo to its destination.

They operate on behalf of exporters, importers and logistics companies ensuring that cargo shipping is profitable, reliable and efficient. To do this, they negotiate with carriers, carry out administrative procedures and manage the necessary documentation for the successful passage of the cargo through the customs involved. Likewise, they are in charge of investigating the best route for the transfer of cargo, optimizing costs and transit times, whether for cargo transportation by air or sea.


In Foreign Trade and the Supply Chain, we find a series of activities that guarantee the exchange of products, raw materials and goods between countries. One of the most sensitive parts within these processes is the coordination of international transportation and everything necessary for the exchange to occur, that is, Logistics.

In logistics, having a safe and efficient cargo carrier is essential, since it impacts response times, traceability, prices and information necessary to coordinate the delivery or receipt of goods or products with greater agility. When a company wants to import or export a product, it needs to receive help and support to carry out all the logistical processes involved.

A Freight Forwarder or Cargo Agent is able to provide the necessary support to be successful in the international transportation of goods.

International logistics

The freight forwarder informs the client step by step about the status of their shipment, whether it is a maritime loose cargo LCL, containerized FCL or an air shipment. It is also capable of collecting cargo from the warehouses of the exporter or supplier in the Country of origin, providing storage, consolidation and other additional services that the client needs, depending on the negotiation term (incoterm) agreed between the importer and its supplier.

Our service

At Farletza and its network of agents worldwide, we offer an extensive range of additional services based on the needs of each client, also providing information in real time thanks to our technological developments, which allow us to keep the importer always informed about the status of your boarding.

Upon arrival of the cargo, as an added value, we have developed the delivery of shipping documents electronically, which allows our clients to expedite the nationalization procedures for their cargo, thus improving their storage costs in the port or airport terminal depending on the means of transportation of the shipment.