Export Freight

Our service

With Farletza, your comprehensive logistics and transportation services operator, you ensure that your company goes far, as far as you want, we take care of everything.

At Farletza we help you get your cargo to the whole world by opening new trading markets, we are experts in export management, whether by air or by sea in an agile, safe way and keeping you informed of its traceability, since we are very focused in the technology.


Our human capital and extensive experience in this world of exports advise you at all times, providing solutions, options and suggestions in the logistics of your shipment within the operational part, and always looking for the best option for each of our clients in the freight to pay and routes, whether sea or air.

As one of the most important points to take into account when exporting is security, at Farletza, as a plus in our export logistics process, we carry out inspections on containers in vacuum yards, guaranteeing for your peace of mind that we can deliver for shipment. units that are free of contamination.

Air freight

Due to our excellent relationship and volume of cargo that we handle, we maintain excellent contracts with airlines, we have preferential freight rates, which benefit all our clients, ensuring that the cost of their export operations does not generate an impact on the profit of your product.


We have a technology platform that will keep you informed of the entire logistics process of your shipment by various means such as:

Web Portal

Within them you will find detailed information such as the following:

  • Tracking your cargo.
  • Events such as entry to terminals, boarding, departure and arrival of cargo at destination.
  • Anti-drug inspection notification.